[scribus] Negative line spacing?

David Whitfield david at davidwhitfield.co.nz
Wed Nov 23 08:52:44 UTC 2011

In the past in have done layouts for cafe menus and been able to align
prices to menu items by assigning a negative line spacing to the price style
paragraph style-item; 14pt left align line spacing 16pt
paragraph style-price; 10pt right align line space -16pt

I have updated to the scribus version 1.4.0.rc6 and it seems that I can no
longer set a value for line space less than 1pt, when did this change and
does anyone have a suggestion to get around this?
I know I could use a table or put the prices in their own text box but I
like the elegance of my original method because it makes updating items and
prices very straight forward.
cheers for the suggestions


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