[scribus] Scribus arabic

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 23 09:42:25 UTC 2011

salut cédric,

> in fact, it seems that the designers i'm working with here, never use
> kerning in arabic. 
> > that's why the scribus "main workspace" has to reimplement all the
> > glyph handling and can't rely on what Qt can do itself.
> > 
> > but: who knows? maybe nowadays Qt would simple be good enough?
> Well, i was just trying to find a quick way to have a minimal and
> worthy support for arabic without much development. 

the problem is that you will want to have kerning support (and other
advanced features) for the latin languages!

i don't think that we want to have two different layout engines, one
with simple non latin support and one with some advanced features for
latin languages...

at least, i don't think that this can be done in a shorter time than
finishing the support for OTF in scribus...

but, as i've already written in my preivous mail: who knows?


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