[scribus] Scribus arabic

Cédric Gémy radar.map35 at free.fr
Wed Nov 23 09:19:43 UTC 2011

> afaict, the text field in the render frame editor (as well as the ones
> in the story editor) are directly managed by Qt.

Ok i can understand that ;) and that we won't switch to gtk [inkscape
handle it well :) ]

> so, all languages and features supported by Qt are accessible there.
> this seems to include arabic scripts... but, probably, not advanced
> typographic rules (kerning and so on...).

in fact, it seems that the designers i'm working with here, never use
kerning in arabic. 

> that's why the scribus "main workspace" has to reimplement all the
> glyph handling and can't rely on what Qt can do itself.
> but: who knows? maybe nowadays Qt would simple be good enough?

Well, i was just trying to find a quick way to have a minimal and worthy
support for arabic without much development. 


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