[scribus] Fontmatrix

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 05:07:30 UTC 2011

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 6:52 AM, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I can't find any way to contact the developer, but maybe someone here
> can help.


> I have Fontmatrix 0.0.99 installed on Fedora 16, x86_64 (also the debug
> package). The splash screen comes up, then it crashes. From the command
> line I get:
>        [jjj at Devil8 ~]$ fontmatrix
>        loaded the Generic plugin
>        QImage::setPixel: Index 255 out of range
>        QImage::setPixel: Index 0 out of range
>        QImage::setPixel: Index 248 out of range
>        QImage::setPixel: Index 192 out of range
>        QImage::setPixel: Index 248 out of range
>        <snipped dozens of identical lines with random index numbers>
>        Segmentation fault
> Formerly I had Fedora 14 where it ran fine. I have deleted the
> ~/Fontmatrix folder, but it still crashes on launch.
> Any suggestions welcome.

0.99 is what SVN trunk calls itself. This isn't a recommended version.
Try building 0.7.0 from source code.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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