[scribus] downloaded but can't find setup file or installation file

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Nov 17 17:48:57 UTC 2011

hi scott,

> OK, I hate to be a pain, but I really want scribus and can't seem to
> install. I click the download button at the top of scribus.net. It
> sends me to sourceforge. It says it will start and at the bottom I
> can see it showing different sites (including Facebook!?). Then it
> says "done." There is a large file tree with all the scribus files on
> my hard drive now. But I can't do anything with it. It's not listed
> as an installed program in the Windows start menu, nor is it inside
> the programs folder on my c drive. I can't find any installation.exe
> or scribus.exe in the scribus folders among the many folders and
> files. What is the installation file actually called? What is it's
> file type? Maybe I can sort the list in every single folder and find
> it? But it should be obvious and easy - correct? What the hell? Scott

i think that you need some help from somebody in your neighborhood...

if you don't know anybody that can help you installing scribus, please
come to the irc channel so that we can help you with step by step


here you have a description on how to join the chat:


the best time to get some help is the evenining CET.

have a nice evening

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