[scribus] interesting article with thoughts for us

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Fri Nov 11 01:03:13 UTC 2011

On Nov 10, 2011, at 7:55 AM, john Culleton wrote:

> Users can and should keep up with the latest version, 1.4.0.

Except that the latest version (1.4.0) is not actually a version yet - it's a "release candidate", and not "officially stable" yet.  There is a BIG difference in text rendering between RC6 and RC5.  If these kinds of layout changes commonly occur between releases (including candidates), users would have a full-time career just in reworking their documents to keep pace with the code changes.  (Not all code changes are simply to implement new features.  Some of them royally screw up the carefully laid out arrangement of a user's document, and they might not WANT to keep up with the latest "version".)


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