[scribus] compiling the scribus 1.4.0 rc3 under mac os 10.5.8 ppc

Stefan Nussbaumer stefanus at chello.at
Thu Mar 31 18:05:56 CEST 2011

Am 31.03.11 15:08, schrieb a.l.e:
> hi stefan,
>> any reason why you're not using the fink packages?
>> RC3 is possibly not there yet, but i'm sure that martin will update it
>> very soon!
> RC3 is there

you're confusing me - i didn't try to install Scribus via macports. i 
installed libfreetype.6.dylib from macports.
however, i just had a look at fink to see if i can install Scribus 1.4.0 
RC3 from there. it offered me the following packages:

      scribus                                 Layout 
program (stable branch 1.3.3.x)
      scribus-aqua                            Layout 
program (stable branch 1.3.3.x)

... which isn't what i wanted.

so, back to my original question: what does a proper CMAKE 
build-sequence have to look like so this library is being looked up in 
the right place? (just to be mentioned: sf offers a .dmg for intel-based 
processors but none (yet) for ppc).

i have:


Scribus requests:


how can i make CMAKE look up the library in the right place during 

thanks, stefan

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