[scribus] Ghostscript

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Mar 21 12:43:38 CET 2011

hi geoffrey,

> I use a Mac Powerbookpro running snow leopard (OS10.6.6). I am totally at a
> loss with Unix. When I open Scribus i get the message that Gostscript is not
> installed and pointing me to various sites. Some when I have downloaded
> include and installer but say when I try to install them that it cannot
> install because I run 10.6 Others have said that I don't have Xcode
> installed. I have downloader 9.02 but there is no installer. Can I put it
> anywhere?
>   Please don't baffle with too much Unix. i can cope with simple stuff.

if you just want to try out scribus, you can ignore that warning.

ghostscript is only needed for some specific tasks. scribus can run 
without it.

i hope that there was not too much unix in that... :-)


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