[scribus] export to .pdf by the help of .ps

gordom gordom1 at wp.pl
Thu Mar 3 19:29:38 CET 2011

W dniu 2011-03-02 18:04, John Jason Jordan pisze:
> I might suggest exporting to PDF with Scribus, then changing the file.
> I've had good luck opening the Scribus PDF in Evince and then saving a
> copy as a PDF. Another option is to do the same thing with Okular
> (formerly Kpdf). There are a lot of other PDF creators that might solve
> the problem as well.

I'll try to make a small summary to explain what I did and what are the 
results at this point.

Windows platform

1. The original.pdf file was generated directly from Scribus (1.3.7). 
The size of the file is approx. 9 MB. Text in the document is considered 
as a text and can be highlighted, copied/pasted and searched.

If a Scribus 1.4 is used a text is not recognized "correctly".

Linux environment

2. I opened original.pdf in both Evince and Okular. I tried to save 
original.pdf as a copy but the output pdf file was the same in size.

3. I printed original.pdf into .ps file (both in Evince and Okular). 
Afterwards .ps file was transformed into .pdf again. To do so a ps2pdf14 
was used.
A new.pdf made by means of Evince.ps was shrunk to 1,5 MB without any 
loose in quality.
A new.pdf made by means of Okular.ps was enlarged to 11 MB

Unfortunately text in both versions of new.pdf wasn't considered as a 
regular text any more. However it could be highlighted, pasting and 
searching didn't work.

4. I changed (manually) a file extension from original.pdf to 
original.ps. Afterwards I used a ps2pdf14.
I got a new.pdf file a little bit bigger then previously (2,3 MB) but 
with a regular text.

Any comments on that?


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