[scribus] Image problems in 1.3.9 - possible bug?...

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Mar 2 23:11:30 CET 2011

hi lisa,

> I have been suing Scribus with no problems for a good few months now -
> completing our first issue of our magazine in Scribus last month. But
> I had to unfortunately abandon it yesterday and use powerpoint to
> create an online brochure. My document had images in the background
> and a text box over part of the image. The text box backgrounds were
> filled with white. On two occasions within a few hours I noticed a
> flicker on the screen and then noticed that all the text boxes no
> longer had a white background and the text itself was very faint. I
> tried all sorts, refilling the text box (Scribus showed it was set to
> a white background) but no change. Created a new text box, did the
> same thing again, but still no change. I couldn't see any other
> setting that had changed. In the end I had created a new document and
> started again - and then of course half way through completing the
> document the same thing happened again, a slight flicker on the
> screen and when I scroll through, all the text boxes no longer have a
> white background over the background images and the text in the text
> boxes are very faint.
> Please help - has anyone experienced this? I may need to find an
> alternative for the next mag issue as I can't afford for this to
> happen because of tight deadlines.

never seen, no.

can you upload to the bug tracker a file where this happens?


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