[scribus] Image cropping

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Mar 2 12:20:04 CET 2011

hi peter,

> >> But if JPEGs are going to be cropped at export, where do we set the
> >> JPEG compression and similar parameters? Two users will not have
> >> the same preference, so it must be a setting that can be changed.
> >> Global and/or per image? All image formats with lossy compression
> >> would need to be addressed. For other image formats the function
> >> could probably use the same properties as in the original image.
> > craig's proposal is to crop the image which is put inside the PDF,
> > not the one which is on your hard disk
> But that doesn't change the matter. People want to have control over
> the quality of the image that gets embedded.
> Also, cropping 10% of the sides but saving with less JPEG compression
> then the original might make the file bigger! (It has happened to me,
> camera was set to "Normal" image quality but GIMP was set to very low
> compression. After cropping the image the file was like twice as big
> as the original...)

probably, now i understand what you concern is...

afaik, cropping a jpeg is a lossless operation: so there is no change between the original image and the cropped one in the pdf...
or, at least, it can be done in a lossless way and without resampling it.
gimp, as an interactive application won't do it in a lossless way.

> > but, as i said, it would be nice to have a script which helps the
> > user to crop the image to the size of the frame (and it should give
> > the option to overwrite the linked image or to create a new cropped
> > image, leaving the original untouched).
> Yes, but I guess that can be solved by anyone a bit fluent in
> scripting.

probably, the scripter has first to be patched to implement it. currently, getImageScale() does not return the correct value and it's not possible to know which part of the image is shown in the frame.


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