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Had the same problem.  I did not want to sacrifice the image quality so I saved the PDF in small chunks of about 6 pages each (each page had 4-7 pictures on it).  Then sent the multiple files to the printer so it would not take him too long to open.  A bit tedious, but the only way I could find to keep the high image quality I was looking for.

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On 1 Mar 2011 at 8:59, Ron Carter wrote:

> Does it seem unreasonable to anyone but me that a Scribus document
> that occupies 2.5 MB should balloon to 52.6 MB as a pdf document?
> What is the typical expansion when preparing pdf's from Scribus?
> Ron
.The .sla file does not include the images, only links to them. The PDF includes the 
images. If you have a lot of images and you don't limit the resolution of the images in 
the pdf, it will be big. The easiest way to make a smaller PDF is to limit the 
resolution when you create the PDF and use a lower compression quality.


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