[scribus] Missing Font(s)

Jean-Louis Cordonnier jlcord2 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 29 09:14:18 UTC 2011

If you store your font in ~/.fonts (or subdirectories of ~/.fonts)
Scribus find them
You dont need to "install" them


Le 29/06/2011 07:11, Peter Nermander a écrit :
>> If a font is "installed", then it's installed.  Period.  Scribus should recognize it and be able to use it.
> What does "installed" mean? Located somewhere in the file system?
> Indexed by some kind of font managing system?
> In Windows a font is installed when is is given a registry entry, then
> all applications can access the font throught the operating systems
> mechanism to get access to fonts.
> But under Linux there is not such this as "THE operating systems
> mechanism", there are several different such mechanism and different
> applications use different mechanisms.
> Scribus relies on direct access to the font files to be able to assess
> them and keep its own index of fonts. This means Scribus must be given
> the path to where the font files reside. Then Scribus can use them,
> even if they are not "installed". This means Scribus can access fonts
> on a network share, a removable disk (USB thumb?) etc. And that is
> certainly a feature (no need to clog your operating system with
> thousands of fonts you only use in Scribus).
> /Peter
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