[scribus] Missing Font(s)

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jun 29 01:21:49 UTC 2011

>> I have noticed that a number of fonts that are available in other
>> programs are not available in Scribus.
> Yet another example of how UN-intuitive the "Scribus way" of detecting
> installed fonts....
> If a font is "installed", then it's installed.  Period.  Scribus
> should recognize it and be able to use it.  The fact that Scribus is
> allowed to use fonts that are not officially installed on the system
> (i.e. "additional paths") is just wrong, in my opinion.

I apologise for not having access to previous emails in this thread,
but the manual (F1) states;

"Fundamentally, Scribus is really really fussy about fonts. This is a
feature and not a bug. Certainly, on Linux no other application is
less tolerant of fonts with defects than Scribus. This is a Good Thing

There is also the path config if the fonts are installed else where;


If you google 'Helvetica scribus' you get the impression that Helvetia
falls in the category of imperfect, or unworthy of use in Scribus.

That other programs can find it,  is irrelevant to the examination and
loading of fonts by Scribus


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