[scribus] Experiences with importing marked up text?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Jun 28 08:43:34 UTC 2011

What experiences do people have with using text filters to import
marked up text into Scribus?

I am mostly thinking of "standardised lightweight" markup like for
example Textile, different Wiki markup etc.

Would it be an idea to try to commonly create filters for such
markups? I'm thinking of filters just settings different styles to the
text based on markup, so the user can then just set up the styles to
get the look they want.

I don't think the normalt text filters in Scribus can handle opening
and closing markup, just prefixes? So they can't handle things like
setting a character style for *bold* text? Or has this been changed by
the introduction of character styles? (I just realised I haven't tried
since the time when Scribus only had paragraph styles and direct


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