[scribus] Resize pointer elusive

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 24 15:43:42 UTC 2011

hi tom,

> I have to try numerous times and "sneak up" on the image or text
> frame pull point to activate the resize mode of my mouse. Used on the
> image frame it keeps switching to the select arrow or the move hand.
> In text boxes it jumps from resize to move, and often moves the text
> block unintentionally. I don't have this problem when I use the
> function in other programs. I searched for this problem in the
> Scribus Wiki, but I'm sure I'm not using the right terminology to get
> results. I'm using 1.4.Orc5 on Windows Vista, but this problem
> occurred for me using all the versions for the last three years and
> when I used Win ME. Any ideas? Thank you. -------------- next part

works correctly (well, not perfect, but correct...) here on debian...

i wonder if it's a windows problem (other may be able to confirm this) or if you're doing something not 100% correctly...


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