[scribus] Text Filters

Bruce McIntyre ooga at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 24 10:36:17 UTC 2011

Hi all:

Where are we with text filters?  My version is 1.4.0 rc2 (upped to rc5 
since), using Linux.

1) I had some video trouble with Unity in upgrading to the 11.04 Ubuntu 
and eventually cleaned out the hard drive and started from scratch.  
This worked, but the text filter I needed got lost somewhere.  Where 
does Scribus store them?

2) If you want to use an existing text filter in a new .sla file without 
it, what is the procedure?  My experience last week was having to remake 
the same text filter from scratch day after day for five issues of a 
daily newsletter, each of which were prepared in advance.  Eventually I 
woke up and discovered the workaround of importing the text for #5 into 
#4, which already had the filter, then copying the text into the new 
file.  But it would be easier to be able to select one and have the ones 
used in previous .sla files kept somewhere in a handy list to be used in 
new layouts.

3) Can we go beyond paragraph styles yet?

Big job last week, and one thing I noticed was far fewer crashes.  The 
bug that always used to bring my system partially down (grabbing system 
resources but allowing a save and a reboot) was in using the mouse to 
drag-define an area containing a partially hidden new item I wanted to 
grab.  Doing that while another item was selected often caused trouble.  
Didn't see it a single time last week, and I know I'm getting good and 
avoiding the problem but I also know I forgot a few times...no 
problems.  Good job, team!

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