[scribus] epub from sla? or Scribus versus Lyx

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Thu Jun 23 22:08:23 UTC 2011

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, skrifaði John Culleton:
> On Thursday, June 23, 2011 10:24:25 am Rob Oakes wrote:
>> If you want to create both ePub and PDF from a single
> source document, you....
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>> Rob
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> There are several excellent open source  html/css editors
> such as Amaya, Bluefish and Quanta++. But that is not
> Scribus' role. And if Lyx exports Xhtml that is still a
> long way from an Epub or Kindle ready file. Those tables
> etc. just won't transfer. That is the big problem with Epub
> and Kindle. They won't even handle the full array of html
> page capabilities.
> I would not favor resources being diverted from the main
> mission of Scribus, print documents, to attacking another
> market entirely. And if I were editing text for e.g.,
> eventual use in a Kindle or Epub file I certainly would not
> use Scribus but would use Gvim instead. It offers syntax
> highlighting for a variety of formats including html.
> For long documents I type in something else and flow text
> into Scribus. As a text editor it is not the most handy
> program. Maybe 1.5.0 will be better but the current version
> is not as capable as older versions, as has been pointed
> out multiple times by yours truly and others.
> I do keep a Slackware 12.2 partition alive just so I can
> use Quanta++ which unfortunately fell off the KDE distro
> when KDE switched to the Qt4 libraries. It is IMO the best
> html/xhtml editor. It also has css facilities.
> There are horses for courses, as my father used to say.

Totally agree.

But my OpenSuse 11.4 still has all the KDE 3.5 repos, surely 
you have to enable them or set up. I have Quanta++, KBabel 
and bunch of other stuff not present in KDE4.

Just a hint.

Sveinn í Felli

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