[scribus] epub from sla? or Scribus versus Lyx

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jun 23 16:12:45 UTC 2011

hi rob,

> I know that there has been some talk about supporting eBooks in Scribus (which would be very nice) but I think there is another role that is needed more urgently: that of a visual CSS editor. LyX already meets most of my demands for generating XHTML/XML.  If I could make use of Scribus to visually generate a CSS stylesheet, that would plug a serious hole in my workflow. It would also provide open source publishers alternative to InDesign.

i think that you're welcome to specify how scribus could be used to 
generate a CSS style sheet which could be used for ebooks.

the future format of scribus will be very xhtml-ish and css-ish, so the 
problem does not seem to be the data structure...

in my opinion the big challenge is how to use a paper oriented 
application a screen oriented layout...
who knows, maybe scribus can do it!

for now, i would already be very happy if scribus could export the data 
in a way that one can just add a hand crafted css and get an ebook!
that way you could put together your content with scribus and than get 
an output for several media.


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