[scribus] The never-ending quest for a stable version

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Sun Jun 19 15:15:57 UTC 2011

I think that one reason people are getting confused is that they are
not aware of what "stable" means.

An "unstable" version might be as stable and bug-free as a "stable"
version, however the "unstable" version is a moving target and will
most likely change in short time.

Stable means: No more features added, no functional changes, bugs will be fixed.

Unstable means: New feature may come without notice, features may
break, one thing can suddenly work completely different than before,
bugs will sooner or later be fixed, but you might have to back to an
earlier version for a while. But these changes will only come with

If you are running an unstable version and it works, stick to it. It
probably has more features and is more up to date than the stable
version. Keep away from upgrades unless you have time to test them

Stable is what you run when stability is more important than features.
If you can't wait for a week or two for a bug to get fixed or back to
an earlier version to avoid an introduced bug.


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