[scribus] We should be able to change fontsize in latex editor

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 17 13:13:38 UTC 2011


> The guy gave up after first post mentioning how to do what he wants to do which left the impression he didn't even try (and doing it in Inkscape will probably be much more complicated than using Render Frame in Scribus directly). That's why I've written complete example which can be used by simple copy-paste if he doesn't want to try himself. So, he did get his explanation in quite simple terms and Scribus + LaTeX definitely isn't complicated at all (provided you know at least basics of LaTeX).

yes, it was a good idea to show him (and the community) how (simply) the 
job can be done...

but -- if we look at the original request -- i have the feeling that the 
discussion has gone a bit too far.
we probably have to learn to start new threads when the subject changes 
(have a look at this mail: it does not belong to the thread it's in! 
look at the title above...).

> P.S. What do you aim at with "is the black used for the text cmyk?"

the explanation in this thread explained how to create (and apply) a 
color... but it didn't mention that black is a color and -- if you want 
a cmyk pdf -- you will have to redefine the color used for all the text! 
(and this is really crucial, since the original poster will probably 
only use black!)

have a nice afternoon!

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