[scribus] spot colors in PDF

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 14 14:24:56 UTC 2011


> thanks for your answer. I am working with Alex on this project, and
> we used your workaround script. Alex modified it to have only one
> color and not 2. It works fine (thanks!), and in Scribus Print
> Preview, there is no CMYK. Perfect. But when we check on Acrobat Pro
> on MAcOS (or sending to the printer), all bitmap images are back to
> CMYK... Deadline is quite soon and we would like to avoid making one
> PDF per color because it's quite a complicated object already...
> Pierre Huyghebaert told me we could import a tiff that we colorize 
> directly in Scribus to have the proper color? He says it's not the 
> "colorize" option in the Effects. But he can't remember how he did
> it...

hard to say without seeing the files...

btw, please update to current 1.4svn there is a fix which may help

(not sure, but the patch may already be in the latest .deb for ubuntu.
only for ubuntu).

i didn't have the time to exactly study what the script exactly does,
but i think that we have to check it throughly and see how the PDF
export of scribus can be improved to correctly handle spot colors.

i'm travelling right now and i won't have much time until the weekend
(well, basically, no time from half past four this evening until
thursday -- or friday -- evening!)
... but i will try to do what i can!


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