[scribus] spot colors in PDF

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jun 14 13:52:48 UTC 2011

salut alex,

> additionally to the problem Stéphanie has described, the print
> preview on my archlinux machine isn't working has expected. I can
> only see the CMYK plates in the print preview window although I have
> custom spot colors in my document.
> See http://imagebin.org/158217
> I'm running scribus 1.4.0 rc3 on archlinux with gosthscript 9.02. I
> have tried with scribus svn compiled this morning and it is the same 
> situation (BTW it looks quite cool :)). However with debian and 1.4.0 
> rc3 it works well...

i've seen a similar problem on ubuntu yestarday...

i really wonder where this comes from.

it has nothing to do with the settings of the document, since i could
normally open Gilles' file and see all the fields we are used to.

i wonder if it's related to a ghostscript version or setting...

any dev knows more about it?

or, even better, alex, could you please open a bug report for it?


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