[scribus] Finding Document Fonts

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Jun 14 06:26:18 UTC 2011

> An exaggeration.
> As I said, the only font which is exported yet potentially not used is
> your default font. I don't know that this is a bad thing (and it's only
> one font)

That is not fully correct.

It is not THE default font that is exported, it is EVERY default font.

Create two text frames. Set one default font for each. Do not enter eny text.

You now have two frames without text, yet if you export to PDF you
will get two embedded fonts (if you have font embedding enabled).

Now, add text to the frames, BUT manually set a different font for that text.

You now have two fonts, with text using only one font. But if you
export to PDF you will get THREE fonts embedded, but two of those
fonts are never used by any text in the document.

I once had to go through every text frame in the document to change
the font to avoid getting Times New Roman in the PDF... It did not
help to just change the default font (that was the first thing I


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