[scribus] Finding Document Fonts

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Jun 14 02:52:47 UTC 2011

> I am not certain that this is the exact same problem, but one that has
> always annoyed me:
> Being rather lazy, if I am creating a new document, I will often open
> an old existing one that is rather similar to the one I want to
> create.  I guess that when I first started to use Scribus, I had the
> font "Arab" installed, and it was selected as the default.  I no
> longer have it on my system, so whenever I open older existing
> documents (or newer ones based upon the old ones), it starts out by
> saying that it wants to substitute "Arab" with something else (I tend
> to use Arial).
> Now, this is a minor nuisance, and I thought, "Arab must still exist
> somewhere in the document, but where is it?"
> Following one of the suggestions posted in this thread, I opened the
> .sla file with a text editor. The only place in the file where "Arab"
> occurs is near the first line after "DFONT". I changed that instance
> to Arial then saved the file. Now when I open the document I no longer
> have to go through that substitution step.
> I thought this might be helpful for anyone else who has gone through
> this process.

You can set the default font like this.

1.  Start Scribus without making a new docoment
2.  File->Preferences->Tools
3.  Set the default font

Now when you create a new document, DFONT will be the font you set
above, and will stay that way forever and a day unless you change it.


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