[scribus] Why Can't Scribus See My Fonts?

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Jun 11 14:47:44 UTC 2011

> The problem I see is that once fonts are detected they are all included in 
> the available fonts. Is there a way, short of deleting the fonts from the 
> system one by  one, to eliminate from the font viewer all the non-European 
> fonts? 
> -- 
> John Culleton

The proper way would be to not "install" the non-European fonts and have them magically not show up in Scribus (if Scribus properly accessed a system's installed fonts list).  Until that (if ever) gets resolved, what you can do is segregate the non-European fonts to a different folder than the one added to the fonts path preference in Scribus.  Doing so doesn't mean the fonts need to be deleted from the system - it just "masks" them from detection by Scribus.


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