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Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 13:47:22 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 10:04 AM  "John Ghormley KJ4UFG" <kj4ufg at sera.org> wrote:

            	On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Ian "Witty" Whitfield <editor at federalsaints.net> wrote:
> Hi all
> Interesting problem here today. I use Scribus 1.4 RC3 on Mint 10 KDE and
> all has been well up to now.
> As of today I can no longer print from Scribus. If I try I get a "No Paper"
> error on the printer (A Brother MFC8860DN and with a full paper tray!). I
> don't do much printing from Scribus but there are a couple of things I do
> need to print out each month.
> I have tried everything and found out the following - it ONLY happens from
> Scribus!!!! I can do Print Test Page, Print Self Test and printouts from 3
> or 4 other installed programs but _NOT_ from Scribus!!!???
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Ian Whitfield.
I have never been able to print directly from my Ubuntu installation.  It
appears it would print if I had an Postscript printer but I don't have one.
Therefore, I have to export to a pdf and then print the pdf externally to
Scribus.  Let me know if you have been able to print from your Linux distro
in the past.
John Ghormley  KJ4UFG
Editor, SERA *Repeater Journal*
Walkertown, NC  USA
editor at sera.org

Ian, John:

I am not sure why you would even want to print directly from Scribus. For me, at least, the whole purpose of using Scribus is to do a layout in order to create a PDF document for printing (in my case, usually at a photo copy centre).  If I am at an intermediate stage in creating a document and want to see how it would look on paper, I just create a temporary PDF. If printing directly from Scribus "worked" (and I don't know whether it does or not on my version, 1.4.0.rc4 on Kubuntu 11.04)  worked, I probably would not use it as I wouldn't trust it to look exactly like the PDF file I would eventually want to create.

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