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wayan jimi baliherpetofauna at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 6 20:35:24 UTC 2011

Hi all.
still trying to solve the tiff prob...all tiffs i am using are 24 bit, no variation. Have uploaded some sample tiffs at:
Hopefully will be useful!!
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hi james

> tiffs i am using are way too big to be uploaded to the bug page...
> even smaller versions. my tiffs are all 600 dpi, most are 230mm or
> 470 mm X 270mm. any other options? James

upload them to a upload / download site and link them to the bug tracker or create a small tiff showing the problem...
(btw, in the bug tracker you can mark the bug as private, that way only the devs will see the picture...)

if we can't see your files, we can't probably fix your problem...


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