[scribus] cmake && make && make install

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 02:19:29 UTC 2011

On 05/31/2011 04:58 PM, Jan Schrewe wrote:
> On 31 May 2011 22:34, Vladimir Savic<vladimir.firefly.savic at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Doing "make" alone will terminate on first appearance of error, but your
>> older installation will not be compromised. But, doing "make install"
>> will build while it's possible AND install while "make"-ing is possible,
>> leaving you with part of installation updated and with other part,
>> currently unbuildable one, obsolete. Wouldn't that (possibly) leave you
>> unable to run your beloved application?
> You are right. If something blows up during compilation you almost always
> get an unclean target directory and your application will most likely not
> run.

Just to be clear, I have been running 'make install' as a non-root user, 
since I was installing in my home directory.

Actually, I find that if you run 'make install' without make, and you 
reach an error, it just quits with an error message, it doesn't then try 
to install.

The reason this idea came up to me was that I noticed that whenever I 
ran 'make install' after 'make' it looked like make was first checking 
to see if everything was built first, before it installed. So it seems 
to me that on a practical level, if you can run 'make install' alone as 
a user, it really doesn't "make"  :) any difference.


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