[scribus] booklet printing?

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 28 19:19:45 UTC 2011


If the positioning is important than I would lay it out in Scribus 
exactly as you want to see it as the finished result.
which sounds like you have done when you said
If on the other hand, I have a PDF that is the full flat page (ie page 1
shows 1 & 8; page 2 shows 2 & 7 etc) when I open it and I print that from
Adobe reader, it prints it perfectly without adding any extra margins on it.
I don't use the booklet setting to print this, I use the page scaling set to
When you choose Booklet printing from Adobe Reader, it is Adobe Reader 
and not Scribus that is doing what in this case you do not want.
If you have seen a change then that could possibly be due to a version 
change in Adobe Reader?
Assuming you are using a standard page size A4 or letter then asking 
Adobe Reader to do booklet printing it obviously has to decide how it 
will scale and position the pages.

Another option depending on your needs and page size preference, is to 
for example prepare the the document using A5 page size and create your 
PDF from that. From Adobe Reader you can still select Booklet printing 
(or multiple pages per sheet) and because it is A5 being true half of A4 
it may position it better for you.

Some people use this method as it allows the one document to be produced 
for reading and printing, i.e. when reading on computer the pages are 
consecutive, and you can still print to booklet style.


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