[scribus] Press request

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jul 27 18:18:17 UTC 2011


> > Hi, from before we have done some great covermounts in our
> > magazine, called HjemmePC, in Norway. We are planning an issue
> > focusing on great softwares, which we already have
> > done some covermounting with before. We would prefer if we could do
> > some kind of full version covermount, but
> > are open to suggestion. Either old full version with upgrade offer
> > to latest, or new full version in return for greater coverage. I
> > hope to hear back from you.
> Scribus is available for free, so you are free to include this with
> your magazine. I would tend to suggest including the 1.4.0rc5 version
> at this precise moment (the final 1.4.0 may be out soon). So far
> there is not a mechanism for Scribus to update itself.
> This having been said, your readers may derive greater benefit from
> the standard download and install methods. The Windows installer
> works quite well, and several of the Linux distros have Scribus on
> their repositories. Recent MacOS versions have binary versions of
> Scribus. It also seems that we hear more about people who use several
> computers, not necessarily with the same OS, and Scribus can be
> accommodating in that regard.

can we please discuss this off list, please?

and then send an answer to HjemmePC?


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