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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jul 26 16:09:39 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, July 26, 2011 11:15:03 am Peter Nermander 
> > John.... what you describe to me in your post seems 
way above my head.
> > I'm not familiar with scripts and how I go about doing 
that without step
> > by step instructions.

The script -is- a set of step by step instructions for the 
computer. My script1a script is run from a command line 
script1a foo
(where foo.ps is the file to be converted.)
The comment lines at the end can be uncommented or better
placed in another script for repeated use.

> IMO John should stop trying to get people to use the 
psutils way. It's
> harder for people to try to export from Scribus to 
postscript than to
> have them download Quantum Elephants Bookbinder program.
> http://quantumelephant.co.uk/bookbinder/bookbinder.html


In Scribus:
Export->save as pdf followed by
pdf2ps foo.pdf
on a command line.

You can also export a Scribus doc as an EPS file directly.
EPS is just PS with a bounding box. 

I suppose I am spoiled by having most of the tools I need 
automatically included with my Linux distro. But the same 
tools are available to users of other operating systems. I 
consider Ghostscript (which includes the pdf2ps script) 
and PSUtils as things that either come with my distro or 
that should be downloaded early on. Indeed a proper 
Scribus install should be preceded by a Ghostscript 
install in any case. It's in the manual.

Your Java program Quantumwhatever will additionally break 
the file down as signatures. Psbook will do the same; The 
default for psbook is one big signature which is suitable 
for home printing.  

Either method will work. I have been working with 
computers since 1968 so the command line holds no fears 
for me. If you can type on a keyboard you can use the 
command line.   
John Culleton

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