[scribus] Any suggestions how to make circular scale (as clock has)?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jul 25 07:33:20 UTC 2011

hi ondrej,

> After this all I succesfully completed task and If you want you
> can see result:
>     http://www.oldfrog.cz/downloads/ueli-mapa-oblohy-rucni-production/
> Is there some place where ca be placed sample work made in Scribus?
> I believe that can helps others.

you can put a short description and some photos of the result (or screenshots if you can't take pictures of it...) on:


and if you want to write a longer description on your workflow, you can add a full page on it in the wiki and put it under the howtos!

have a nice day

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