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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:55:39 UTC 2011

2011/7/21 John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>

> On Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:08:49 am Louis Desjardins
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Would it be a long-coding task to make available an
> option that would allow
> > to "Print as Spread" a certain number of pages?
> >
> > What would be involved here if we'd like to implement
> this in the Print and
> > in the Export to PDF dialogs?
> >
> > Louis
> That might be done better outside of Scribus with psutils.
> Or you could set up each Scribus "page" to hold two page
> images. That could be done today.

"Outside Scribus" means you create your PDFs first and assemble them after.
Same for holding images of the pages.

My question is about implementing this as a print/export option.

How this would work from the user perspective is as follow.

Example of use, create a 3-panel pamphlet. Instead of creating 2 pages that
will hold the 6 panels (3 for each side of the sheet) you create 6 pages and
organise them as to have them 3, side by side. You end up with 2 groups of 3
pages and off you go with your layout. At any time, you want to proof. You
hit the Export PDF Tool and in the General Tab you have the option to print
your pages as single pages or as the spreads you have layed out on the

You can expand this example to any such publication that needs a spread

Book covers are another good example for this. You have 3 elements that
often follow different paths in the editorial and graphic workflows. The
Back Cover, the Spine and the Front Cover. You may of course create a single
page to put all those elements together on the same page. Or treat them as 3
distinct pages. Considering that the Spine (for one) is a moving target
until the very end of the production (it often happens that the printer
himself makes the last minute changes because of paper availability —
calliper changes, spine changes), it would certainly be more than nice to be
able to work in a spread layout with 3 pages of different sizes.

In the book example, it will happen that the Cover will need to be treated
separately because it is the cover and marketing will want only that page,
without the Spine and without the Back Cover, to promote the book, make ads,
posters, include into a catalog. Printing and repurposing only the cover (in
this case, page 3) would be much easier than having to crop a portion from a
single page.

What's involved in terms of coding and implementing this is what I ask.


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