[scribus] Problem following the wiki tutorial - section 5

Colin Adams colinpauladams at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 14:18:30 UTC 2011


I'm thinking about writing a (free, PDF only) book, and I want it to have
nice coloured sidebars, and other good presentation, so I'm taking a look at

I've installed 1.3.9 (as that is what comes by default on Fedora 14), and
I'm working my way through the Get_Started_With_Scribus tutorial on the
wiki. No problems until section 5,
Working With Layers On A Page.
This says:

"For the moment, make the text frame as wide as the page and nearly double
the height of the MastheadBand."

I can't find anywhere where that "For the moment ..." becomes, "Now ..." so
as to synchronize the text with the MastheadBand. I realize I could just
adjust the X,Y,Z parameters so the text field coincides with the band, but
if that is the proper thing to do (I assumed there would be some way to
synchornize the text field with the band), why am i not told to do that? And
why make the text field initially bigger?
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