[scribus] French docs

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jul 19 12:41:52 UTC 2011


> Regarding the language I do think though that English should be the source language of documents, and that if someone publishes a topic or makes a significant contribution in another language it would be considered "dissident" until it has been translated into English.
> A good contribution translated into English will benefit more members of the community. English is AFAIK the language for bug reports and IMHO this is an efficient way to organise things.

as far as i can tell, while english is indeed the lowest common 
denominator in scribus, most of our users can't english well enough to 
be comfortable with an online help in english.

my experience -- collected in a place where most people are open to 
foreign languages -- is that people won't read our online help if it's 
not in their language.

also, if the online help is not already available at the usual place (F1 
or the help menu), they won't make any further step to install it.

that's why i tend to focus on getting our in-software documentation as 
easy to be translated and as broadly distributable as possible.

and opening up the documentation contribution to other languages, may 
help getting new people on the boat. i share the opinion that it was -- 
probably -- not a good idea to name most scribus variables in german, 
but i'm not sure that we should enforce english as the main language for 
the documentation.

personally, i tend to ignore the fact that my skills are inadequate for 
publishing in english, but most people seem to much more responsible 
than i am :-)

just my 1000 lire...


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