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- Well, per Greg's comment: "I am trying to submit work which can be
- freely used by anyone, but I would prefer not to have someone take this
- and make money from publishing it without paying back to Scribus in some
- way. "

I agree. I believe that both the content of the Official Manual and the help and web pages should become the property of the Scribus project and copyrighted, even if in practical terms accessing it should be free to access when available online - but not libre.

I totally agree that the Scribus community should display terms of contribution similar to Wikipedia.

I think that there should also be some genuine additional content in the paper manual and that some advanced online topics should explicitly refer to the paper manual and that the help and wiki should concentrate on essential knowledge.
For example resources for colour profiles should IMHO be restricted to general knowledge about colour profiles and refer to the manual for extended information (such as the getting the Adobe profiles from Adobe's site).

The manual should be available for download for 5 € or 10 € to generate donation revenue from a large number of people.
As a compromise information which will join the next edition of the manual may be on the wiki temporarily - but removed with the next edition. I understand not all here may share this view.

Regarding the language I do think though that English should be the source language of documents, and that if someone publishes a topic or makes a significant contribution in another language it would be considered "dissident" until it has been translated into English. 
A good contribution translated into English will benefit more members of the community. English is AFAIK the language for bug reports and IMHO this is an efficient way to organise things.

A possible way to manage this would be by using an index value.
Say on day 1 the English document is rated 100, each undone translation would get an index value of 0. When the English document is updayed its value goes to 120, 110, 150... depending on how much new content has been added or modified. If your French or Italian document has an index value of 112 while the English document has an index value of 118 you know that the differences are minor.

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