[scribus] Setting up to build from scratch (XP32)

Mike mike at hersham.net
Mon Jul 18 20:01:03 UTC 2011

> Well, the good news is that I ave finally persuaded it to compile! And 
> what's more (with a few tweaks to the general set-up) it actually runs and 
> works!
I've realised now that I wasn't building 1.5.0svn -  accidentally I had 
SVN'd 1.3.5 branch instead of trunk, so at the moment so far I've only 
succeeded in building 1.4.0rc5

I have now downloaded trunk and it's providing a few more problems: it has 
now got some extra 3rd party libraries to cope with..
One by one I am overcoming the complications.

With regard to keeping notes, you may be interested in looking at my 
WORK-IN-PROGRESS instruction page. When it's complete and bomb-proof I would 
hope to incorprate the contents into the wiki page.

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