[scribus] French doc

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 19:57:52 UTC 2011

On 07/18/2011 02:28 PM, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Could we say that the online help could much follow the menu structure of
> the applications itself with a minimum of contextual information when
> absolutely necessary. This means that we could treat this as an extended
> "tooltip" type of info, describing more in-depth the features and what the
> settings are all about. This would be useful to users but would definitely
> make a very boring book nobody would buy (and nobody would publish).

I'm currently working on an ebook which at the moment at least involves 
a rather methodical listing and comments about all the items in the 
menu, and later I'll get to the toolbar and perhaps other features. I 
can definitely say that it doesn't have the readability of the various 
documents already out there, but I'm hoping it will have some use as a 
reference of sorts. I'd be a little afraid to add this to the online 
docs except maybe as one or more appendices. It's still a work in progress.

> For me, a publishable book is a whole different thing.
> There is a need for online help because tooltips can't tell it all and some
> features of Scribus are not as self-explanatory as they seem, especially for
> newcomers in the DTP world. So, people need more and there they could have
> it. We would then use a licence that would allow distros to ship the app and
> the doc at the same time.
> For more, including details about how to use the software and explanations
> about printing and design, this is another story and, in my view, is a bit
> out of the topic of an online help.
> The advantage I see as having a straight definition of what is Online Help
> and what should be in there is that it will allow better tracking
> possibilities and it will be easier to tag anything as "current with version
> x" or "outdated". For instance, ket's say we tag them with the version of
> the app. If a feature has not been changed, we change the tag to the next
> version of the app without change. If it was upgraded in a development
> series, then it's updated too in the Online Help and gets tagged so
> translators know about it. Hope this is clear.
> Such Help would be easily translatable and updatable and we could use the
> same Qt-linguist that is used for the GUI and it would pose not much licence
> problems, I guess.
> How does that sound?
It sort of sounds good, but it may take me a while to wrap my head 
around these ideas to see how we might translate them into some 
additions/modifications of the current information. I do want to see 
what we can do to add some metadata (or some other info) that could be 
used to see what is up to date, its age, or some other helpful 
information for documentarians. (my spellcheck suggests I just made up 
this word)


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