[scribus] Setting up to build from scratch (XP32)

Mike mike at hersham.net
Sun Jul 17 06:46:20 UTC 2011

>I just committed in svn more detailed instructions for building Scribus on 
>Windows with
>Visual Studio (no cmake needed). They can now be found in 
>BUILDING_WIN32_msvc.txt. That
t>ook some time, but now with those instructions i hope the build process on 
Windows will
>be easier to setup for those interested.
>I also updated the BUILDING_WIN32.txt file, renamed it to 
>BUILDING_WIN32_cmake.txt, and
>added a note to make more evident that the informations contained in this 
>file are
>outdated and describe a somewhat experimental process.
>Hope that helps,

Thanks Jean

I hope my post didn't sound critical. Obviously, without your guidance my 
task would have been much more difficult!

I'll have a look at your new build instructions.


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