[scribus] Setting up to build from scratch (XP32)

Jean Ghali jghali at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jul 17 01:56:30 UTC 2011

Le 16/07/2011 19:42, Mike a écrit :
>> compiling on linux is much easier!
>> you should first try on linux and then go for windows :-)
> Yes, I'm accustomed to building on linux, but I felt like a challenge. What makes it worse
> is that I have very limited experience with Visual Studio and have never used cmake. What
> does help is that I have about 5 spare boxes available for testing development on
> different operating systems.
> So I'm now going to start from scratch again on a fresh Windows box. I intend to download
> WGET for windows first, then see if I can use a batch file to download and build most of
> the third party libraries. The rest should be easy! (I've used WGET this way in the past
> on linux machines to automate the installation of development environments)


I just committed in svn more detailed instructions for building Scribus on Windows with
Visual Studio (no cmake needed). They can now be found in BUILDING_WIN32_msvc.txt. That
took some time, but now with those instructions i hope the build process on Windows will
be easier to setup for those interested.

I also updated the BUILDING_WIN32.txt file, renamed it to BUILDING_WIN32_cmake.txt, and
added a note to make more evident that the informations contained in this file are
outdated and describe a somewhat experimental process.

Hope that helps,


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