[scribus] Setting up to build from scratch (XP32)

Mike mike at hersham.net
Sat Jul 16 17:42:24 UTC 2011

> compiling on linux is much easier!
> you should first try on linux and then go for windows :-)
Yes, I'm accustomed to building on linux, but I felt like a challenge. What 
makes it worse is that I have very limited experience with Visual Studio and 
have never used cmake. What does help is that I have about 5 spare boxes 
available for testing development on different operating systems.

So I'm now going to start from scratch again on a fresh Windows box. I 
intend to download WGET for windows first, then see if I can use a batch 
file to download and build most of the third party libraries. The rest 
should be easy! (I've used WGET this way in the past on linux machines to 
automate the installation of development environments) 

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