[scribus] Is this a minor bug?

Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Fri Jul 15 18:20:47 UTC 2011

I put out a weekly "newsletter[1]" that I format in Scribus.  I have a 
file with all my headings, text boxes and so on set up that I bring in, 
add the current distribution number and save as a new file before 
importing text.  All of the text in the heading is 24 point.  When I 
open the Story Editor and add the number, it goes in as the right font, 
but at the default 12 point, even though it's right after a pound sign 
(#) in 24 point, and I have to correct it before saving.  In fact, 
that's why I do it this way; I've not been able to find out where to 
change the text size the way I want in the main window.  Is this a bug, 
or is this how Scribus is intended to work?

[1]Actually, it's a contribution to an APA, an Amateur Press 
Association, but calling it a newsletter isn't far off and gives you a 
good idea of what I'm doing.

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