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Nik Trevallyn-Jones scribus at babel.homelinux.net
Mon Jul 11 09:41:58 UTC 2011

Hi Greg,

Wow - this is exceptional!

When I first posted, I was expecting that my immediate solution would be 
to write a script.
And subsequent investigation of current features seems to have confirmed 

I have no problems with programming, but there was obviously going to be 
a learning curve with python (I'm more a C++ and Java guy), and the 
Scribus API.

You wonderful script has just turbo-charged me to the finish line!

I will respond to the list separately on why the current features seem 
inadequate for my needs.

Thanks again Greg, this is simply brilliant!


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> On 07/04/2011 01:14 AM, Nik Trevallyn-Jones wrote:
>> >
>> >  As an example, for a newsletter project that I have been involved with,
>> >  we have determined that for the A4 pages we use, most frames (and almost
>> >  *all*  text frames) should have widths in multiples of 65mm - which
>> >  comprises 60mm for the text, and 5mm for the gap between the text and
>> >  the left and right borders (ie, two 2.5mm gaps); and therefore
>> >  multi-column frames should have the column gap set to 5mm.
>> >  And from this along with desired gaps to page edges, comes the 'correct'
>> >  X-pos settings for most frames: 7.5mm, 72.5mm, or 137.5mm (this gives us
>> >  a total gap of 10mm from page edge to left edge of the text).
>> >
>> >  Hence for any frame (text or image) a single-column frame should be
>> >  65mm, a double-column frame should be 130mm, and a triple-column frame
>> >  should be 195mm; and should have its X-pos set to one of 7.5mm, 72.5mm
>> >  or 137.5mm.
>> >
> Hi Nik,
> I've taken your measurements here and made a script, appended to this
> note at the bottom, since it seemed like something others might be able
> to use and modify to their needs.
> This only creates columns, sets the gaps and distances, and changes the
> width as needed. It adjusts the X-Pos according to the number of columns
> as you indicated above. It does not alter height or Y-Pos, and can be
> used with text already in the frame or none.
> Various other things can be added, including more choices for the user.
> You might of course have a family of different scripts for different
> purposes or even different skills of the users. The getUnit/setUnit bits
> are because I generally don't use millimeters for my units.
> Greg
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