[scribus] scribus file format / python

wibr lists at wibr.de
Mon Jul 4 17:41:51 UTC 2011


so I would like to use Scribus to create some flashcards. It should work 
like this:
1. I have a .txt file with my flashcards
2. I create two pages in Scribus how they will look like, one for each 
side of the flashcards
3. I will do some python magic, load the .txt and create many pages with 
4. I can edit the cards if I want or just export them to pdf.

So here is my question: Should I manipulate the xml or let the script 
run in Scribus?

I think editing the xml shouldn't be too hard, but I don't completely 
understand the file format, is there any recent documentation available? 
Especially I would like to know how I could duplicate pages.
I had a look at it: <PAGE> is a page and it gets a number NUM, and 
<PAGEOBJECT> is something on a page and it has an attribute "OwnPage". 
So I tried to move pageobjects between pages by editing the "OwnPage" 
number, but that didn't work...so how does Scribus know, which object 
belongs to which page?

Or maybe using python in Scribus would be easier? I am more familiar 
with xml editing, though...



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