[scribus] Really basic questions

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Jan 30 17:57:06 CET 2011

dear scribus manual authors,

> On 01/30/2011 12:26 AM, Ken Springer wrote:
> > As I mentioned to John Jason Jordan, the book is on the list.  :-)
> > But, I should wait for the manual for 1.4 if it's due out in a few
> > weeks.
> Just to be clear, version 1.4 of Scribus may be out in a matter of 
> weeks. The second edition of the manual is expected to take months
> from that to complete and be available. We have what you might call a
> head start with first edition material, but there are a LARGE number
> of changes, so it may end up being close to a total rewrite.

i'm a bit worried about the perspective of a scribus manual being published one year after the stable release is out.

i would feel much comfortable if i knew you were targeting the next stable release (1.6 / 2.0) and have a manual ready for the time it will be out.

this imo also help the whole team to keep an eye on the release cycle of the stable releases...


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