[scribus] Really basic questions

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jan 29 22:20:59 CET 2011

hi ken,

> I was afraid there was no way to print them.  And, what I fear is, the
> online documentation won't be too comprehensive.   :-(
> Hell, no manual or help documentation is comprehensive
> anymore.  :-(  I really wish for 20 years ago when vendors wrote and
> supplied really good manuals.  Seems like developers, all across the
> board, and now beginning to rely on other users like yourself to
> provide support that rightfully should come from the developer.  Open
> Source falls in kind of a grey area, though.

well, and i was thinking that the scribus manual is too comprehensive...
btw, have you bought it?

or 20 years ago were vendors providing software and manuals for free?

third point: there manual in 1.4 will be more useful... and -- since
good news rarela come alone (freely translated from german...) -- 1.4 is
due for release in the next few weeks!

> Even MS's support is going downhill fast.  As a home user, there used
> to be a clear link to their knowledge base articles, but I have yet
> to find a link to them since they revamped their system.  Possibly a
> contributing factor to the rise in Mac and Linux use.

well, the scribus support is known for being fast and helpful...
but, yes, you have to find out how it works before you can ask
questions, and this might be a problem...

> That's kind of a bummer on the vertical justification in a frame.
> But, probably something the Scribus programmers should address.  The
> Calamus program I had on my Atari could do it.  And, I bought the
> last copy in 1998.  But, it's a high dollar product and way overkill
> for my needs.  If one of my Atari's was actually set up and running,
> I would have used it. :-)

there is a script in the wiki which does this.

i guess that doing it correctly in every case may be a hard task...
this may be the reason why it's not implemented, yet.

the script works in some cases... you can try it out.

and you may help out the devs by defining how exactly this function
should work (in every case!)

> Now, to see how long it takes to get this posted.  With the first
> post, the mailing list said my message had to wait for moderator
> approval because I wasn't a member.  A member of what?  I'm
> subscribed to the mailing list a couple months ago, and I can't find
> anything on the Scribus website that specifically says I have to
> "join here to be a member".  I've looked and read, but can't find the
> answer.

you might be using a different email address... the mailing list can
only recognize you by this characteristic...

> Nor can I find a "Contact Us" button for users to use.  In my web
> design class, you were marked down for not having that button on your
> homework. But Scribus isn't the only site without easy to find
> contact use buttons. More and more sites are this way, but it seems
> that sites where the original product was originally Linux based are
> the worst.   :-(

you're right... but the biggest problem is not the lack of a "contact
us" button, but of  man power on the other side to answer what gets in
after the question has been submitted (and first filter out the spam).

> Sorry folks, I do get on a soap box at times.  :-)  Just tired of so
> many developers and web sites being less than helpful.

if only scribus had so many developers...

btw, you failed in the class "contacting a free software project"...
but you'll certainly get a second chance!


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