[scribus] WinXP and 1.3.9

Jean Basile jean.basile at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 28 23:41:38 CET 2011

Hello Greg,

Thank you for the swift reply as always.

--- En date de : Ven 28.1.11, Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com> a écrit :

> You can stretch out the Properties palette horizontally or
> vertically, even in Windows, where no change in the cursor
> is apparent when you get to the edge. We are aware that
> things are a bit cramped, especially in the Text tab, and
> work is underway to try to redesign Properties.

That was it! There is no hint from the part of the cursor that you can actually change the size. Tested it and it works great. I also solved the mistery of the arrows not working line by line as expected. Now with the enlarged panel and without the horizontal scroll it's actually a feature as it will jump to the next "text" subcategory if there are more opened which speeds up the move from one to another.

> I would recommend not going to, since I don't
> think you will see things better with that version (I don't
> know why these crashes are happening, though - this may be a
> bug worth reporting if you can reproduce it, and chances are
> the bug would also be present in If you have made
> any documents with 1.3.9, you will not be able to open them
> in

I know about the incompatibilities in format, yet, as nothing was started there was no problem moving back and forth. Only that I feel those optical margins are a wonderful feature to have.

> You have 3 choices with line spacing: automatic, fixed (and
> adjustable in Properties > Text), and Baseline Grid. The
> adjustment for the baseline grid can be found for the
> current document in File > Document Settings > Guides,
> where you can also adjust the displacement from the
> basline.

Wonderful! Problem solved! Thank you so much Greg!

If I catch anything which can be reproduced when it comes to crashes, I'll be back.


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