[scribus] Eps opened directly is still rasterized, not vector

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jan 19 14:49:31 CET 2011

hi barry,

> W/Scribus v1.39, W2k/Sp4
> I am generating eps files from my own developed software by 
> printing as file to Acrobat Distiller 3.0.
> The files open perfectly in GSView 4.8 w/GS 8.63 and print 
> directly from GSView in a perfect quality match to output 
> from my original software directly to my HP Laserjet 1018.
> Also, saving the file opened in GSView 4.8 w/GS 8.63 to a 
> pdf with GSView's pdfwrite and then printing from that pdf 
> (pdfwrite set to 720dpi) results in a perfect quality match 
> to the output from my original software to my HP Laserjet 
> 1018 and with the output printing directly from GSView.
> Opening the same eps file directly to Scribus w/File > Open, 
> i.e., not to a frame, and saving that to a pdf and then 
> printing results in a _rasterized_ output, not vector, even 
> when I follow the explict instruction from The Official 
> Manual, section, p.126. at both 300dpi and 720 dpi 
> export to pdf.
> These files are simple 1 pixel lines in a type of graph with 
> small amounts of text (unicode font).
> Somehow I had expected that the development path of Scribus 
> - an excellent product that I have been following for a 
> number of years - would result in comparable output to the 
> direct use of GSView/GS since Scribus uses GS.
> Are the developers aware of this discrepancy and if so are 
> there current plans to improve eps as vector output?

i don't 100% get what you are looking for... however, a short note: the "correct" way to get an eps into scribus is by going through "file > import > get vector file" and not "file > open".

and as you have noticed, text import is not well supported by scribus...

... since you seem to be developing software which handles eps files, you're certainly welcome to propose some patches which may solve those problems!


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