[scribus] Scribus success story: the Wikimedia Bookshelf project

Frederic Schutz schutz at mathgen.ch
Mon Jan 17 11:42:56 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

While I am personally a beginner with Scribus (I just started reading 
Cédric Gemy's book and experimenting with the software), the 
Wikipedia/Wikimedia community has been using Scribus to create booklets 
"to help new contributors understand the specific culture of Wikipedia". 
We have prepared a "Success Story" at


It is (of course !) on a Wiki, so it is ready to be copied to the 
Scribus wiki if someone is interested (the image is licensed under 
CC-BY-SA, so it can be copied too without any problem).

I won't copy/paste all the text that is there, except to mention that 
Scribus was a natural fit for this project, since it makes it easy for 
volunteer to translate and customize the booklet as they need it.

Some people may be interested by the fact that the content is under a 
free licence, and that some of the source files for the documents (in 
particular the Scribus file and the images) can be found on the website.

Also, we still have at least one document that was created using 
InDesign, and that we would like to convert to Scribus, if anyone wants 
to volunteer :-)   (the details are in the success story).

Thanks to all the contributors for a wonderful piece of software !


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